Miracle Dry Cleaning, established since 2000, we are the leading brand in cleaning bags, clothes and dry cleaning business. With over 10 years experiences Plus an advanced technology from Europe, we can assure you that we can revive your clothes and bags as if it were new again.

            Our friendly, helpful teams will do a first class job of making sure everything from suits and dresses to cashmere sweaters are clean and fresh again.

            Remember to take advantage of our specialist cleaning service before you put your clothes, designer handbags and shoes back in the wardrobe.

            Entertaining also takes its toll on table linen, rugs, and carpets. So leave it to our expertise to clean, revive and remove stains.

            Make a fresh start today By Calling Miracle’s Dry cleaning and you will be surprised with the result.


มิราเคิล ดรายคลีนนิ่งได้ก่อตั้งเมื่อปี2543 ทางร้านให้การบริการซักแห้ง ซักกระเป๋า เครื่องหนังและซัก อบ รีด เสื้อผ้า บุคคลทั่วไป ในเขตกรุงเทพ และปริมณฑล ด้วยประสบการณ์กว่าทศวรรษ ภายใต้ชื่อ “Miracle Dry Cleaning”


                                      “   มิราเคิล ดรายครีนนิ่ง เข้าใจซัก เข้าใจผ้า เข้าใจคุณ    ”

ด้วยฝีมือทีมงานที่มีคุณภาพที่คอยจะ ดูแลและ ทำความสะอาด ไม่ว่าจะเป็น กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม , รองเท้าหนัง, สูท, ชุดราตรี, เสื้อผ้าขนสัตว์ ให้สะอาดเหมือนใหม่ เพียงคุณโทรหาเราวันนี้แล้วคุณจะประหลาดใจกับผลลัพธ์


Our Points of Distinction Make Miracle’s dry cleaning Unique

Miracle Service – We understand your time is extremely valuable – that is why we feel it is so important that we make your experience with us an easy one! Please just call us when you are on your way in, and we’ll meet you at your car – or just honk or flash your lights when you pull-up and we’ll dash right out to pick up your clothes and to make your dry cleaning experience an enjoyable one.

Irresistible Quality Cleaning – This is our promise to you, our valued customer. You will immediately notice the high quality of our dry cleaning. We guarantee that all of your buttons will be sewn on properly, creases are to your specification, and spots are properly removed.

Reasonable Prices – Our prices are typically lower than the other drycleaners in most local markets.

Accessible Location- our Shop is located on Hualampong area which is the center of theBangkok. It is so called one of the landmark areas that can represent the city. You can visit our shop via bus, car or even MRT (Hualampong Station exit no.1)

Comfortable Atmosphere – We’re not your typical dry cleaner.  No chemical smells or messy counters.  You’ll feel quite at home in our comfortable environment.

Leathers and Bags cleaning service – Our experienced suede and leather cleaning staffs are highly trained to produce exceptional results in restoring suede, sheepskin and leather to as near the original condition as possible. In the case of sheepskin rugs, our professional cleaning and brushing service can restore them to look as good as new. We also provide a re-waxing service for leathers. Due to the complexity of the processes involved in suede and leather cleaning, service times vary depending on the degree of soiling and staining and whether any alterations or repairs are requested. All are dedicated to providing you with a suede and leather cleaning service you can rely on.

Environmentally Friendly – Your clothes will feel, smell and look so much better and they will even last longer when they have been cleaned. We are committed to helping preserve the environment and its resources.

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